About us

Practice makes perfect.

Harmony-english.com has been created as a collection of free interactive exercises which allow students to be in complete control of their language practice. The tests in electronic format enable English language learners to review and improve their grammar and vocabulary.

We are an internet-based source of English language exercises designed to meet the needs of pre-intermediate and intermediate learners. We are planning to gradually expand the range of difficulty levels for each category by adding material for more advanced learners.

Web-based practice tools

Modern technology plays an important part in our lives and using it as a means of accomplishing learning goals has become an everyday necessity. Harmony-english.com provides exercises that can be done on computers, laptops, tablets or smartphones. Students can have access to their practice material wherever they are and whenever they wish to. The digital format enables users to choose the desired exercise level and to check their answers instantly.

Having fun with words

We believe that any form of language practice will achieve its target more effectively if its users complete enjoyable tasks. Therefore, the exercises on harmony-english.com are not just a useful tool for language practice. They are a collection of engaging activities that help students check their progress in an enjoyable way. The principle of variety is also an integral part of our resources as it keeps the students' interest alive.

Our guiding principles

Learning is a never-ending journey. The process of language learning involves a lot of practice and revision before moving on to the next level. We offer students the opportunity to check their linguistic progress with exercises that have the following key features: multiple categories and levels, a wide variety of themes and types of tasks, exciting content.

Learn English with us!

Choose your category.

Choose your level.

Make your own schedule.

Work from anywhere you are.

Enjoy a variety of topics.

Enrich your vocabulary.

Improve your grammar.

Have fun with engaging materials.

Check your answers instantly.

Do exercises with your friends.

Access the language resources for free.

Be ready to learn more.

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