How it works

Improve your English!



The vocabulary content is organized by topic.


The grammar resources are arranged into main categories and subcategories.


You can choose the level of your practice material.


You can do the exercises on your computer, tablet or smartphone. You can check your answers instantly.

How to do the exercises

Gap-filling exercises

There are several types of exercises that you can do by filling in the blanks with the correct words. You may have to use words and letters to form new words that belong to a specific vocabulary or grammar topic. Some exercises consist of sets of mixed letters that must be arranged in the correct order to form new words. You may have to fill in the gaps with words from a list. In this case, you can use each word only once. Write the answers in the blanks. You can click on the “Hint” button to get help – one or more letters.

Matching exercises

You will have to choose the correct answers from a set of words, phrases or sentences. All the options will have to be used as each of them represents a missing piece of information. Here are some types of exercises that require the matching technique: finding synonyms/antonyms in the right column for words in the left column, finding the comments/responses that best complete a set of sentences, matching activities to places, etc. Use the “Check” button to find out the right answers and to get your score.


Quizzes are multiple-choice exercises. They contain a set of answers and you will have to select the one that you consider to be correct. Some exercises consist of a reading text and sentences about the text. You will have to read the text carefully and mark the sentences true or false. After clicking on one of the options, your answer will automatically appear on the screen with corresponding comments such as “Correct” or “Try again”. You will also get your score for each answer.

Crossword puzzles

Each crossword puzzle belongs to a particular vocabulary category. You will have a set of sentences to help you. They contain the clues that you need to find the missing words. Click on a number in the grid, fill in the gap next to the sentence and the word will appear in the crossword. You can use the “Hint” button to get one or more letters. Then click on "Check" to check your answers and find out your score.

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